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1. With Resting Metabolic Rate Testing ensure you are eating the right amount of food to reach your goals.

2. With VO2 Max Testing learn how to optimize your cardio sessions.

3.With Ultrasound Body Fat Testing learn how much your body is fat, muscle and water so you can better structure your goals.

4. With our 3D Body Scanner quickly get every inch of your body measured during each phase of your journey to know if your plan is working.

Improve Performance

Instead of mindlessly getting on cardio machines, use your VO2 data to ensure your workout is aligned with your goals.

Achieve Personal Goals

The scale doesn't reveal everything. Book a 3D Body Scan to see all the inches you are losing and gaining.

Be Your Own Experiment

If you try Keto or another nutrition strategy, learn how much fat and muscle your body loses or gains.

Healthy Weight Loss

The RMR test provides you a calorie range so you can reach your fat loss and muscle gain goals.

Be Your Own Experiment

1. If you are trying to gain 5 lbs of muscle or trying to drop 15 lbs of fat, booking a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test will help you determine the most suitable calorie intake range for your goals. As you gain muscle and lose fat your caloric needs will change, so testing your RMR as your body changes is beneficial.

2. Instead of focusing on trying a new workout and/or nutrition plan every week, commit to a plan and track it long enough to know if it is helping you reach your individual goals. Booking a 3D Body Scan will allow you to track big and small changes to your body during each phase of your workout and/or nutrition program.

3. Do you need to lose fat or build muscle? Will trying your favorite celebrities workout or nutrition plan really work? Book an Ultrasound Body Fat test to learn about your unique body composition, so you can better plan your individual workout and/or nutrition plan.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING: We primarily travel to clients homes in the Chicagoland area! If instead you want to make an appointment at the Elite Body Data lab, depending on traffic and where you are coming from it can take you 25-45 minutes. Coming to us is FREE! Traveling to you = cost of service + $50 travel fee!

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