Warning to Personal Trainers: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Elite Body Data

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People have a lot of options when it comes to exercising, losing weight, and increasing muscle mass. There are plenty of gyms where they can work out on their own, not to mention group classes, small group training studios, online programs, and dozens if not hundreds of other personal trainers within a short driving distance from their homes. What sets you apart? What makes them choose you—and stay with you?

The success of your personal training business ultimately depends upon one thing: the success of your clients. When your clients see the results they’re looking for, your business will grow. You’ll have testimonials to share, and word-of-mouth advertising will bring even more people to you. As you become more in-demand, you’ll be able to charge more for your time; people will be willing to pay for that because they know they’ll get what they want when they work with you.

It’s win-win.


But how can you create those results for them? How can you be sure they’ll see the changes they want to see? Of course, they need to put in the work and follow your instructions; in the end, they’re responsible for that. But everyone has different goals and different needs based on their age, genetics, time constraints, medical conditions, and more. Are you sure you’re giving them the right instructions? If they follow your plan, will they see results?

They will if you’re working with accurate numbers regarding their caloric needs, current body fat percentage, and maximum heart rate. Elite Body Data can determine those stats for all of your clients, allowing you to design training plans specifically for each person’s needs.

If you don’t have these numbers for your clients, you’re losing money, plain and simple. Incorrectly estimating a client’s caloric needs by even 200 daily calories in either direction could stall their progress, diminish muscle gains, or cause weight gain over time—none of that will encourage them to stay with you. Here are a few examples of how working with Elite Body Data can help you build your business and make the money you deserve for your high level of education and expertise.

Increase Client Reviews and Testimonials

Stories sell. Reviews are an easy way to share them, and they’re worth a lot to potential clients: Pew Research from the end of 2016 says “Fully 82% of U.S. adults say they at least sometimes read online customer ratings or reviews before purchasing items for the first time, including 40% who say they always or almost always do so.” And check this out:

“88% of consumers form an opinion by reading up to ten reviews vs. 84% in 2014. This means it’s important to have a large body of reviews, as customers are reading more reviews now than in all years past.”

Having plenty of positive reviews will help you with business—and the occasional negative review isn’t all bad, because it adds some credibility to the process. It helps assure readers that you haven’t curated the reviews to make sure they’re all glowing. Generally, people seem to understand that one bad review among dozens of good ones means that experience has more to do with the reviewer than the person being reviewed. You can enhance communication and credibility by responding to reviews, both negative and positive, with patience, understanding, explanation, and appreciation as appropriate.

Now, it may seem like people with something to complain about are more likely to post a review, but that’s not necessarily true. More and more people are taking the time to leave reviews when they have a positive experience. Furthermore, satisfied clients are often more than happy to leave a review for you if you ask, particularly if they’ve been working with you for a while and feel connected to you as a person and as a trainer. It can be this simple:

“Hey, you’ve seen such great results. Would you mind writing a testimonial for me that I could share on Facebook, or would you leave a Yelp review for me?”

Chances are, they will be glad to; the more happy clients you serve, the more testimonials you’ll be able to collect. An easy way to increase the likelihood of them following through on their promise to write something for you is to send an email with a link to the review page or a form where they can write their testimonial. Make it as easy as possible for them.

Share those positive reviews and feature client testimonials on your social media pages. Testimonials, complete with before and after pictures, are great because they’re personal and the client will enjoy seeing his or her story featured—and is likely to share it with friends and family members and/or create a dialogue in the comments.

Enhance Trust

If you tell a client he “probably” needs “about” 3,000 calories per day, it casts some doubt. He’ll wonder if that’s really what he needs to see the results he wants. If the results don’t come, he might doubt your judgment and wonder how you determined that number in the first place.

Guessing isn’t necessary when we have the technology available to determine accurate readings for each individual. It’s hard to argue with science. At Elite Body Data, a quick RMR (resting metabolic rate) test in the comfort of your client’s home or at your training facility gives him or her the exact number of calories he or she needs to support the body at rest. Use that precision to determine the client’s daily caloric needs, considering his or her unique goals and activity level.

Using these tests gives your clients confidence in you:

  • They know you’re committed to their results.

  • You’re up-to-speed on industry trends and research.

  • You’re using the latest technology to support their journey.

  • You’re not using guesswork when there are better options available.

  • The data backs up the plan you have for them, and the results they see confirm their confidence in your plan.

  • They know your program is designed especially for them instead of being a one-size-fits-all approach to training and weight loss.

For clients who say they’re not losing weight, testing their body composition will help build trust, too. If they’re too attached to the number on the scale, they’re not going to believe you when you say they are seeing results because they’re increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat. They might not be able to see or feel a big difference, particularly if they’re accustomed to judging their success by their weight or if they have a particular “ideal” weight in mind for themselves.

When you provide the numbers that show their actual body composition, they can’t deny the changes, and they’ll appreciate you giving them the tools to see that. It’s an easy way to build their trust in what you offer.

Improve Client Retention

If your clients continue to see results, they will keep working with you. Testing VO2 max, resting metabolic rate, and body composition on a regular basis gives your clients the most up-to-date numbers to work with, and you can continue to adapt their training and nutrition programs according to their current needs. This helps ensure they’ll keep making progress as long as they follow the plan.

Although the cost of acquiring a new client varies from industry to industry, studies agree that it’s more cost effective to retain your current customers than it is to attract new ones:

“…acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It makes sense: you don’t have to spend time and resources going out and finding a new client — you just have to keep the one you have happy. If you’re not convinced that retaining customers is so valuable, consider research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company (the inventor of the net promoter score) that shows increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.”

There will always be clients who quit for a variety of reasons: they might move away, get injured, have a new baby, develop new priorities, or get a new job that changes their schedule. However, you shouldn’t have clients who quit because they’re not seeing results. If that’s the case, it’s time to reevaluate how you’re designing programs and what you could do differently to help your clients succeed.

Elite Body Data can test your clients’ body composition and RMR at a location of your choosing (or theirs); for the VO2 max test, they can come to our lab. The tests are simple and don’t take much time, but they’ll make a world of difference when it comes to making recommendations and planning programs for your clients. It’s good for them—and good for your business.

Trainers, coaches, and managers of training facilities benefit from our Gold and Platinum Memberships, which give you access to testing for your clients on a monthly basis. Please contact Elite Body Data to learn more about these plans and how you can grow your personal training or coaching business in partnership with us.


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