How many diets do people try in their lifetime? How can an individual set themselves up for success?


On a daily basis men and women around the world are looking for a new diet or workout to try. Almost half of US adults are on a diet at any given time according to the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Women were more concerned with weight loss than men (56.3% and 42.2% respectively) and the average dieter tries between 55 to 130 diets in their lifetime (depending on the source).

So if you want to lose weight, how can you set yourself up for success?

1.Work with a Coach- It can be hard to stick to a new way of eating and exercise regiment on your own. It’s especially hard if you have never stepped in a gym and/or you have struggled to eat the appropriate amount of food/calories consistently in the past. Hiring a trainer and/or nutrition coach can save you time + they can help your troubleshoot issues + they can create a customized plan to help you reach your goals.

2.Social support – Community means having like-minded people around you that you feel are there for you in your journey. Having a strong community support network has been shown in a study by Hwang et al (2010) to play a prominent role in successful weight loss. This is because having a community provides emotional and social support, constructive advice, unity in struggles and non-judgemental interactions.

3. Use Elite Body Data- You can determine your starting point and get data that can help you execute the best plan for your goals.

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4. Plan – Using resources like MyFitnessPal and MyTraining Workout Tracker can help you plan for a healthier life.

5. Find Inspiration- Listen to motivational speeches, create an inspiring workout playlist and spend time creating a fitness vision board.

A randomized controlled trial (the gold standard of research) found that those who dieted with ‘implementation intention prompt’ i.e. careful planning of meals, exercise and visualization, lost double the amount of weight than the control group (4.2kg vs. 2.1kg respectively).

So rather than starting and sacking a ton of different diets and workouts, find a trainer or nutrition coach to help you. Seek out social support from peers or online groups to help you stay accountable. Plan ahead by downloading apps so you are prepared for the meals and workouts. Make sure you look for inspiration in the source of music, speeches etc. Lastly, book Elite Body Data so you don’t fall off the bandwagon.


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